HVAC Maintenance: The Better and Worse of Indoor Air Quality


If you are not aware, there is more pollution that can be had indoors than outdoors, about a hundred times higher. Bearing in mind that most of us Canadians stay or spend more time inside our house, this fact means a serious trouble for every homeowners. As always, a solution of course is cleaning, whether you do it yourself or call a cleaner or duct cleaning company in Canada to do it for you. More on this in the later part of this article.


Contaminated air can lead to real actual signs of problem, for example complications, sickness and shortness of breathing. When the atmosphere is very contaminated, it may actually trigger despair or memory-loss. Quality of air, if not moderated, usually makes matters worse for those individuals with asthma or allergies or those that are old or weak, however it ought to be an issue for several of us.


Pollution in the air typically includes chemicals, pollen, pet dander, fungal, carpeting or upholstery fibers and dust. It is almost always better to make an effort to remove some of the bases of pollution as well as using air filtration apparatus.
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What to Watch Out For When an Air Duct Company Comes To Services Your HVAC System


The cleaning of air ducts involves blowing dust out of all vents and also a thorough cleaning of air ducts of a house, building or a particular space. Cleaning your air ducts is essential especially during the cold months of the year. It offers numerous benefits such as good health and well-being of the family members or dwellers as the cleaning, as a result, produce quality air circulation, reduced energy cost as well as make an environment comfortable to live in. With this in mind, it is paramount to be extra careful when it comes to selecting air duct companies to provide the necessary services. This article highlights the major considerations when selecting an air duct company.

Commitment to the set legal standards

When an air duct company comes on board, it is very important to check and confirm that the company is registered and, most importantly, that it is able to comply with the set legal standards by the right bodies. According to National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), which covers every region of Canada including Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Victoria, Calgary, Vancouver etc, it is a rule that every company providing air duct cleaning services must have very well trained and qualified professionals and at least one specialist who is certified by Air System Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) body. The candidates therefore must be in a position to present documents that show these qualifications and also be ready to follow each instruction to the letter. Continue reading “What to Watch Out For When an Air Duct Company Comes To Services Your HVAC System”

Spiders Are Infesting Houses in Ottawa and Here’s What You Should Know

Seeing the webs all over the house is not a good sign and experience. The problem is, cleaning is not enough to get rid of them forever. Thus, you will need to know and execute a sound spider removal procedure, if not engage a spider removal service which is typically offered by pest control companies in Ottawa.

Unquestionably, spiders are among the creepy crawlers you don’t want invading your home. They are feared and their bites, particularly by a brown recluse or a black widow, could send anyone to a hospital. Some deaths are even associated to spiders.

Not everyone knows very-well how spider control is done, thus a need for an expert help to get them totally removed from the house. This can be attributed to the reality that chemical agents don’t easily knock spiders off. Even worse, they are likely to give a ride to insecticides. As we all know, these little crawlers walk with their feet in a stance where the ground doesn’t touch their bellies. Thus, any chemical residue they walk over on the floor will only contaminate their feet rendering useless the chemical supposedly to exterminate them. If spiders are control this way, they’ll end up laughing at whoever is doing the extermination procedure. Continue reading “Spiders Are Infesting Houses in Ottawa and Here’s What You Should Know”

What You Should and Should Not Do If You Have a Bed Bug Infestation


Ever woken up with itchy red welts in your skin?

And have you seen some blood spots speckling your bed sheets recently and you couldn’t understand how they got there?

Chances are you have spent the night with some bed bugs.

The very first time you see the bite marks on your body you should to do a follow up check on your bed sheets and carefully examine them for little bloodstain specks.

Call a professional pest control firm in Vancouver, Toronto or wherever you live instantly should you end up on the receiving end of a bed bug infestation. In the worst instances of bedbugs which have gone unchecked, there are most likely hundreds or tens of thousands in a house. This can be a pest control problem that is far to severe for the DIY enthusiast to tackle and it can affect your whole family.
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